Situational Analysis For The Classroom Management Plan

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Situational Analysis The class chosen as the subject of this analysis was a Year 4/5 class consisting of 24 students, 17 from Year 4 and 7 from Year 5, including five children with targeted support needs, and two children with intensive support needs. The two children with intensive support needs, Caleb and Tim (pseudonyms), have individual classroom management plans, organised according to the school behaviour management plan. Tim, as well as two of the children with targeted support needs, Amelia and Jonathan (pseudonyms), have Individual Curriculum Plans (ICPs) to accommodate them working at a Year 1 level in Maths and English. One of the students in the class, Lon (pseudonym), is a learner with EAL/D, however he does not have a ICP…show more content…
If the behaviour still continues after that, the offending student is sent to the time out corner; in this class, this consists of a chair and desk at the front of the room, close to the teacher but far from other students. If the student continues their misbehaviour, and does not return to “green path” behaviour, they are sent to the buddy class, in this case the class next door. From there, if the situation still escalates, the student is sent to the office. Posters detailing this process are situated around the school, and each student knows the process for “red path” behaviour. The school has a learning centre and several programs in place for reading, technology, and coding. The learning centre contains reading materials, coding materials, and staff to support teachers in developing lessons. Specialty teachers come in at set times throughout the week to teach music, Japanese, and physical education. Teachers work together to design lessons and units, and moderate with each other on assessment tasks. Mr Ludd works with the teachers in the same block to develop lessons for their students, and these teachers have good working relationships with each other. Literature Review Differentiation, the concept of adjusting learning areas and curriculum content to allow students of all needs and abilities to flourish, is present in this classroom in multiple ways. To differentiate for students requires a

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