Essay on Situational Analysis: Mobile Phones

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Introduction Mobiles have become the essential part of everyone’s life now days. They are the fastest and the easiest way of communication. Gone are the days when mobiles phones are considered as luxury thing to have with but now it has became the important part of our life to connect with friends and family members. (importance-of-mobile-phones-in-day-today-life) With the advancement in technology there is the advancement in cell phones also. Cell phones are converted in Android Phones. Android Phones is a smart phone running on Google’s open – source Android operating system. There are various benefits of Android phones like we can perform multitask by using and downloading different applications. There are various company…show more content…
2. Customer loyalty- Instead of targeting all customers, Samsung Galaxy S5 needs to target new customers in order to grow their business. 3. Cost advantages- low costs leads to higher profits for Samsung galaxy S5. 4. Unique Products – because of unique products, Samsung galaxy S5 distinguish from its competitors. 5. Brand name- A strong brand name is a major strength of Samsung Galaxy S5. This gives Samsung Galaxy S5 the power to charge higher prices for their products because of consumer loyalty towards the product. (http://www.pastemagazine.coml) • Weakness: 1. Lack of Scale- A lack of scale means Samsung Galaxy S5’s costs per unit of output are very high. (http://www.pastemagazine.coml) • Opportunities- 1 Fragmented market- it provides many opportunities to expand and increase its market share. 2 New services- These services expand its business and diversify their customer needs. 3 New technology- it helps to meet its customer needs with new and improved products and services. 4 New products- because of new product, the business expand and diversify the customer base. 5 New market- New market diversifies their portfolio of product and services. (http://www.pastemagazine.coml) • Threats- 1 Intense competition- because of it, it lowers the profits as competitors can move consumers away from superior

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