Situational Analysis Of Qantas Airlines ' Situational Analysis

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Situational Analysis

This report largely focuses on constructing a situational analysis of Qantas Airlines. An organisations situational analysis refers to an analysis that consists of ascertaining the key factors that will be used as a basis for development of marketing strategy. (Elliot 2014). Situational analysis consists of the environment analysis (both internal and external environment), competitor’s analysis and finally the swot analysis.
By analysing those elements stated above, it is likely that the higher authority could evaluate the organisations in terms of its strategic performance level which would definitely lead to a better overall understanding on
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 Reinforce jetstar domestic’s low price and scale advantage position.
3) Strengthen and grow loyalty business
 Maintain Qantas frequent flyer as a driver of loyalty across group and as a leading loyalty program.
 Innovate and differentiate leveraging advantaged assets and capabilities
4) Deliver on existing Jetstar opportunities and partnerships in Asia.

Market share
Market share is defined as companies sales as a percentage of total sales volume in a specific industry, market or product area. In the local region, Qantas managed to outweigh its competitor by gaining a toll of 65% compared to its competitor. Evidently this shows Qantas is the number one preferred airlines compared to other competitor airlines like Virgin, Tiger Airways and Emirates airlines. However the situation is not the same in South East Asian region as Qantas only managed to obtain about 15% of market share compared to likes of Air Asia who leads the market share with 60% in this region. Conversely, this is not a concern for the airlines as the airlines managed to generate revenue of 5 billion dollars, with a predicted passenger growth of 4.9% which is equivalent to 2.9 billion passengers by 2034.

Service quality
Service quality is referred to a valuation of how good a delivered service meets the customer’s expectation. Upper management
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