Situational Analysis: Under Armour

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Situational Analysis
Under Armour has gone from having only dry fit shirts to all athletic wear, plus more. The situational analysis includes a SWOT & market analysis, objectives and issues of the company, their marketing communication strategy, and their positioning strategy. The situational analysis will show how Under Armour can grow even larger than they already have.
SWOT Analysis
Under Armour is a well-known brand for all ages known for its quality products. UA has high brand recognition and offers a variety of products, with a variety of styles and product purposes. UA continues to grow and is already the third largest athletic brand in the world (Chapman, 2017). They have sponsorships with big name athletes including championship athletes. They have a strong marketing message that encourages consumers to work hard at their goals like the underdog athletes they sponsor that end up on top. Another strength is their retail stores; they offer hands-on stores that allow consumers to see their innovative technologies.
Under Armour’s biggest weakness is that they have to competing with top players in the industry
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With the closing of some department stores, Under Armour needs to ensure that their products are in other distribution lines. Other threats are the loyal consumers to UA’s competition; some consumers will not switch to a different brand. Politics is the main threat of Under Armour. In 2016, Under Armour was producing a successful line of hunting gear. UA had issues when one of its sponsored hunters posted a picture of a kill that went viral on social media; some people saw the hunt as unethical. Under Armour dropped the hunter from their sponsor list which made a lot of hunters mad. Issues like this lost consumers interest in UA (Mirabella & Barker, 2016). Finally, the owner of Under Armour expressing his political views and backing of Donald Trump could hinder his
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