Situational Analysis: XYZ Express Kota Bharu Branch)

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The situational analysis is referring to internal and external environment of XYZ Express Kota Bharu branch. The situational analysis could be illustrating through SWOT and TOWS Matrix analysis in order to identify it capabilities of strength and opportunities to strengthen up its performance. Based on the SWOT and TOWS analysis, there are three mains strategies might be highlighted for XYZ Express Kota Bharu branch action in solving identified issues. The four issues have been identified into information system management, cost, time and human resource. Information system management, cost and time could be categorized into operation process management. These issues are interrelated and influenced each other in provide a quality courier service. From that, the first strategies should be focus by XYZ Express Kota Bharu branch is operation business process management. Strategies on process could be improve by provide variety useful working tools and facilities based on technological advance. The technology advance could be reduce time and achieve cost of efficiency, even the investment…show more content…
XYZ Express Kota Bharu branch must identify which staffs really not fully functional and recheck its job alignment and specifications. This is because, by having a relevant quantity of job focus among its staff, could those achieving a quality in each task that they handle in. Besides that, the staff could achieve high motivation, confident and ability especially when face any critical issues or problems in XYZ Express Kota Bharu branch. To improve the ability of its staffs, training and education process should be run through by them from time to time as well as new change program in plan to introduce. Besides that, communication skills among its staff must be improve to let them became are presentable in handling any possible problem

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