Situational Analysis and Action Plan

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Situational Analysis and Action Plan \ Human Resource Management in 21st Century Knowledge Introduction Rise, Inc is a day program for developmentally disabled adults. Rise is currently going through some economic hardship along with the government. Due to the fact that this organization is funded through the government, their budget has decreased and their resources have become very limited. In this hard time it is becoming harder and harder to satisfy employees while being able to function to the fullest. Throughout the entire Rise sites there are two Human Resource Managers, and one site has an active union. Previously all of Rise workers were within the union, but the HRM’s have allowed other sites to not be active in the union,…show more content…
These packets of information contain information on disabilities that clients at this site have. This training takes up the first half of your day. What I found was that nothing was done with this paperwork due to the fact it sat on my desk until my last day of working there a year and a half later. For the next two weeks you shadow another staff for half a day at a time and learn about the three to four clients they work with on that day. So, you are learning about a total of 6-8 clients a day. During this training time you read the clients file and watch how the staff works with them, but you do not physically work with the clients. During this two week time the supervisors decide which team you will be working on. Per team there are 9-12 clients that you will always work with. Along with the initial training, staff takes part in an in house training per year. This is 2 hours long and we have a professional come into the site to do the training. The most recent training was on autism. The year prior it was self defense when dealing with physically aggressive clients. I never received the self defense course due to rescheduling on the presenters part that was never rescheduled. So in turn, half of the staff at our site did not receive this “mandatory training”. Human Resource Profile Rise, Inc is a consumer and provider focused company that will equally look at the needs and
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