Situational Analysis of Bmw Mini Essay

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"The people who brought you The Ultimate Driving Machine are introducing you to
The Ultimate Lifestyle Machine."
The MINI IMC Campaign: Situational Analysis

IMC Campaign Outline Produced by:
Linda Brozowski, Christina Gunn, Roland Hancock, Mike Nakamura, & Trudy Walter

MKT 467
Integrated Marketing Communications
Professor Joyce Nielsen
October 7, 2003 Situational Analysis
The small car market is set to grow by about 50% over the next ten to twelve years from the 8.4 million units sold in 2001. The market for premium products is clearly growing faster than the total market, particularly in the small car market. Many customers will not compromise safety, quality, driving characteristics, and individualism
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Strategic Marketing Objectives
Our marketing objective is to promote the BMW MINI to our target audience of driving consumers in their mid twenties to thirties with heavy television, print, and outdoor campaigning. The MINI will kick off its introduction with the first of seven new TV spots breaking on October 26th during Sunday Night Football on ESPN. The television campaign will continue to roll out over October and November on cable networks including CNBC, CNN, MTV and VH1. The strategy is to include this broad range of drivers offering them opportunities to take their driving experience to a whole new level, while gaining their trust and loyalty. Spot television buys will concentrate on morning news, prime time, late news, and weekend sporting events in top sales markets. We want to continually focus on our message to our consumer market of empowerment, independence, performance, value, and fun associated with taking ownership of the new MINI.
Print advertising, which includes a large concentration of gatefolds, will include similar messaging to that of the television ads and will begin appearing in the October issues of more than 50 magazine titles. A special two-page layout will appear in the Wall Street Journal, along with USA Today as our development team focuses on celebrating the reintroduction of the MINI. In addition to our print campaign, our MarCom team and
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