Situational Awareness

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Situational awareness in the Radiology setting is an important aspect in keeping the patient and nurses safe. Due to the potential harm of radiation and the increased need for safety in ambulatory settings, nurses need to practice situational awareness. During my Radiology observation, I was able to practice being situationally aware and learn the importance of safety in the ambulatory environment. As a nursing student whom has little experience with the role of nursing during procedures, I enjoyed being able to watch two procedures in which a CT scanner was used to help guide the radiologist. As I was watching the team prep and carry out the procedure, I noticed a barrier that kept me from being situationally aware. That barrier was the lack of knowledge I had about the procedure and the related medications that patient was receiving. To prevent this barrier in the future and to become more situationally aware, I will research the…show more content…
Even though I did not see or hear the nurse bring up an issue about the patient’s safety before, during or after the procedure, I am sure she was actively monitoring the patient and the surrounding situation for harm. As a future nurse, I have been made aware of the need to identify and correct unsafe practices or procedures in order to improve the patient’s experience and prevent unnecessary harm. Through observing in the Radiology department and reflecting on the importance of safety and situational awareness, I have learned how vital the nurse is in keeping the patient safe. Moving forward, I will be more alert for unsafe practices and take action to prevent undue harm. I am thankful for this learning experience and I look forward to improving my practice as a student nurse from here on
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