Situational Irony In 'A Animal Farm By George Orwell'

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Situational irony occurs when a story’s plot takes a 180 degree turn than what both the intended readers or audiences and the characters predict. Situational irony is also sometimes called as “Irony of Fate”.

One of the noticeable situational ironies is on Act 3, page 14, on the first paragraph when Snowball busied himself with organising the other animals into what he called as “Animal Committees”. The committee was called ‘The Wild Comrades’ Re-education Committee, Egg Production Committee, The Clean Tails League and The Whiter Wool Movement for certain animals. It is a situational irony when these projects were a complete failure and the wild animals continued to behave exactly like what their original traits is, and took advantage of
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When you speak and another person listens to it, they usually assume you’re saying and doing things exactly what you mean when it is the opposite. Verbal irony also occurs when you said something that you don’t want a listener to take literally, such as sarcasm.

One of the most obvious verbal ironies is shown on Act 3, page 15 and on the paragraph 4 and 5, when the animals finally knew the reason behind the milk’s disappearance when actually it was mixed into the pigs’ mash. The milk and the ripened early apples was expected by the animals to be share out equally, then it turned out that everything must be given to the pigs in order to keep them in good health. This is an irony to what they previously said in Act 2, page 11 which the 7th commandment mentioned that all animals are equal. Clearly the pigs were not treating the animals fair and equal enough.

On Act 5, page 20 and o, when the 6th paragraph, what Clover discovered on Mollie’s stall was a little pile of lump sugar and several bunches of ribbon of different colours hidden under the straws. Later on paragraph 7, the pigeons of Animal Farm reported to see Mollie on the other side of Willingdon, being fed with sugar, wore a scarlet ribbon with a newly clipped coat. This is an irony as the 7th commandment stated that no animal shall wear clothes because clothing is only for human, and Mollie obviously knew that when she learned the
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