Situational Irony

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Life is Fine, by Langston Hughes is a lyric poem that has end rhymes. In the poem, Hughes uses situational irony to prove to the reader that no matter how much he wants to give up he just keeps pushing. The message of the poem is that life is never perfect but it's not worth giving up.

Hughes uses situational irony to keep the reader waiting to see what he is going to do next. For example, in stanza one line four “So I jumped in and sank.” This creates suspense and curiosity in my mind as I’m reading. As you read on in stanza two line four he says “I might’ve sunk and died.” This means that he could’ve have but he chose not to because he knew that there was more to life than just dying before living it out. In the last poem he repeats “Life is Fine” to remind the reader the whole purpose of the poem. No matter how many times he could’ve gave up he didn't for according to him “Life is Fine.”
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Everybody has been through a situation where they “might’ve sunk and died” but most of us have overcame problems like that. Hughes adds exclamation marks to emphasize his point “Life is Fine!” The poem has an up and down tone. At points where he is about done with life it bring a sorrowful tone but the last line of the poem “Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life is fine! gives the reader a more positive aspect. Many of us today learn from the smallest things, like math homework, that giving up doesn’t benefit
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