Situational Leadership Case Study Essay

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Situational Leadership Case Study Paper
Sawsan Berjawi
February 9, 2013

Introduction In search of what situational leadership style would fit me better, I completed the Situational Leadership Style Self-Assessment provided on line and adapted from Hersey and Blanchard. This paper will assess the results of this self-assessment and study its application on a given case study. In the process, I will be discussing if I agree or not with the results and I will be identifying my preferred situational leadership style. In the end, I will be providing the cons and pros in using situational leadership and how they will affect my personal leadership style. Why analyzing and go through all the aforementioned items?
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Hence, it is essential to implement the change needed to improve the students’ performance (task) but at the same time the staff along with the students’ body need to be buy into that change (relationship).
Communication-“Explaining and Clarifying”: Why the change? There is no doubt that the teachers are qualified to implement the proposed plan, there is no doubt that the students will be able to handle the new requirements, the key here is to ‘explain’ and to ‘clarify’ the importance of what needed to be done. First, my job is to expand the teachers’ horizon and help them look beyond their classrooms and their own students, they are part of the whole, and the whole in terms of schools consists of those people who are holding us responsible for the education and the future of the students. Hence, the achievement or the poor performance will be reported to the higher body, whether it is the board, the district, and even the parents, and once the scores show slight or severe dropping, the school office and the staff are not in control any more. Second, the task has to be broken down and the staff will go through step by step training and the students might go through some habits change in terms of study skills and use of the school agenda books or planners. In short, all will be provided with the “necessary skills” and ‘coaching” glued with support and of course praise.
Attentiveness-“Listening and Advising”: Throughout the
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