Six Branches of Philospy

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Reflection of the Six Branches of Philosophy Various branches of philosophy have always become great debates in society. Many have questioned metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy and social philosophy. The author will discuss and reflect on the six branches of philosophy in which she will describe a time in her life when she have asked similar questions. In addition, the author will discuss specific circumstances that brought her to each of the questions and what conclusions she came about. Metaphysics The author believes that people do have free will and that God has given men the greatest gift of all, the ability of choice. Growing up the author was accustomed to hearing that life is already…show more content…
The common citizens helps electing political parties to help solve public issues which later links to their government by classifying themselves as Democrats, Republican or Reform. Social philosophy The author believes that society should be held under governing laws, which will help protect the people in a bigger scheme of things. When a larger group is being protected it will mean that people will have to give up a little of their rights. For example, after the 911 tragedy the writer witnessed armed soldiers in the airport and also was pulled to the side and searched thoroughly. At first, the author felt as if she was violated, but after boarding the airplane she felt really safe. Although individuals give up some of their rights as citizens it serves as a means to decrease chaos in our society. “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” (Frankl, 2014). Conclusion In conclusion we end where we started philosophy can be divided into five branches which study the existence, knowledge, action, force and art. The six branches each seek and question looking for answers that have a relationship to what is the study of philosophy. References Hammurabi’s Code & Babylonian Law Retrieved from

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