Six Core Values Of The NASW Code Of Ethics

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Classical organizational theories: As a group, we do not feel that the classical organizational theory complies with the six core values of the NASW code of ethics. We did not feel that the classical organization theory provided any help, support, or benefits to help the members reach their maximum potentials, other than those who are already at the top. We also felt that this theory did not provide equal rights, protection, or social benefits as a part of the social justice perspective of the core values. Where the power and resources rest at the top of the agencies who utilize this theory, we feel that those at the bottom are not held in high esteem, valued, or appreciated. We also feel that the importance of human relationships is dismissed…show more content…
In regards service, the feminist theory helped individual reach their full potential by providing resources to create an equal and non-discriminant environment. We also felt that the basis of the theory addressed social justice issues as it works to maintain and uphold equality, by providing opportunities for everyone to be heard, regardless of their background. We also felt that his theory held everyone is high esteem, and was careful not to dismiss any diversity. Our group also felt that the feminist theory also creates and maintains reciprocal interactions in which there is a vigilance in the regarding the fair and equal treatment of women. In addition, we also felt that this theory focused on morals and integrity, as is it promotes compliance with all local, state, and federal laws regarding equal employment opportunity. The competence level of this theory also appears to be highly effective in having the necessary and appropriate skills and abilities to maintain positive…show more content…
As for the social justice value, we felt that it did not work to address social justice issues, and adhering to the social policies to maintain funding did not leave much room to address social justice issues. We did feel that this perspective did however, meet the values of dignity and worth of the person, as the perspective did work to address the basic social needs of people. The institutional perspective did not appear to address the importance of human relationships, as there was not much connection other than abiding to the expectations to provide service. There did appear to be a fair amount of Integrity, as the perspective stresses the compliance of expectations and laws. The perspective also appeared to demonstrate competence through the maintenance of expectations set forth through the various law and external forces that regulate
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