Six Dimensions of Health

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Six Dimensions of Health
Daniel Smith
Sci/ 100
July 10, 2010 Tara Campbell

Six Dimensions of Health 2

The challenges of balancing work, school, and a social life can sometimes seem like a major task. However, in spite of these challenges the six dimensions of health are the keys to living a quality and prosperous life. My objective is to identify three of the six dimensions of health, and explain why they're my strongest. Next, choose one of the remaining six dimensions of health and explain why it needs improvement. In addition, I will discuss how I will make changes to improve that health dimension in the future. Finally, I will discuss what I want to learn in this course to
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A life without spiritual wellness is like traveling without a destination; because there are no expectations or a sense of guidance. Spiritual wellness is one of the three strongest dimensions of wellness in my life. Spiritual wellness is primarily one of my strongest because its one that influences my purpose of life and plays a very intricate part in my daily routines. For example, I'm a very religious person who practices Christianity which helps me boost my spiritual wellness. Christianity allows me to build my faith in God and to follow his beliefs and principles. As a result of reading my bible and learning religious principles overtime my morals will reflect this for the good of others. For example, just as good Samaritans in the bible gave to those in need, I have learned to give back to my community through participating in the AmeriCorps Vista program which is a volunteer program whereby people can do community service. The opportunity of providing this community service also gave me the chance to give to the poor. Participating in such events requires a person to posses a sense of love, and compassion which are some the key characteristics of a spiritually well person. Furthermore, since I have discovered Christianity, my life has been full of purpose, guidance, love, joy, compassion, and the ability to give. According to Galatians chapter five and
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