Six Essentials Of The Gospel

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I. Introduction

II. Six Essentials of the Gospel
A. Creation
1. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”
2. The creation of Adam and Eve (humanity)
3. God is so powerful that He created everyone and everything
B. Cost of sin
1. “For the wages of sin is death”
2. Why did God send His son?
3. Who is Jesus? What did he do for us?
4. Why are we offered eternal life?
C. Being loved
1. God loves us so much that He gave is only son
2. We are all loved equally, and there’s nothing God loves more than us
3. Eternal life is offered to everyone, all we have to do is accept it
4. Why does God love us even though we are sinners?
D. Death and resurrection
1. Why did Jesus die?
2. The idea of defeating sin
3. What happened when Jesus rose again?
E. Repentance
1. What do we have to do in order to be forgiven?
2. How do we repent?
3. Why is it important?
F. Being a new creation/ Walking as a new creation
1. What is the next step after being saved?
2. Being dead to sin
3. Not being tempted by things of this world.
4. Alive in God/Being a representative of who God is
III. Conclusion

The gospel is part of everyone’s story, whether they accept it or not. The essentials of the gospel are important in order to know what Jesus has done for humanity and to understand His vast love. The central concept of the gospel is “the good news”, which is the fact that Jesus defeated death by dying and thus, saving humanity from sin. In order to understand this more, there are a few
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