Six Flags: A Fictional Narrative

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“Makayla! Why are you so dumb,” Kelley, Will, and Kristin all yelled simultaneously. “I’m sorry! I told you guys not to trust me with the directions,” Makayla stuttered while looking around. It all started on a beautiful Saturday morning, the four best friends had planned this trip for more than a month now. Kristin and Makayla had only been to Six Flags a few times while Will and Kelley have been multiple times. It is hard to believe that with the number of times Will and Kelley has gone to Six Flags, that they would still get lost. The four teenagers arrived to the theme park around 12 o'clock and were already as excited as could be. “Oh my goodness! I am so ready to ride The Batman, that’s my absolute favorite ride,” Makayla squealed as they entered the park. The park was huge and the teens could not wait to get on the rides. “Okay kids,…show more content…
“Oh I see where we took a wrong turn,” Kelley sighed with relief, “We have to take a right and then go straight all the way to that bridge.” They began walking, all relieved that they found a way out of the sticky situation that they were in. “I see our mom,” Will announced as they walked up towards their mom. Finally they reached Kelley and Will’s mom, “Why do you all look so nervous and sweaty?” Their mom questioned. All four of them laughed, “Just a bit nervous from the rides,” Makayla stuttered with an uneasy look on her face. Kelley and Will’s mom just looked at them and replied with, “Alright well it’s about 3 o’clock now, we have about four to five hours left before we need to leave so when it is 6:30 come and meet me back here and then we can leave.” Kelley nodded in agreement and laughed, “Yes ma'am.” Several hours passed by and it was now time for these four crazy teens to get going, “I’m so glad we found that map,” Kristin stated as her and Will walked out the exit gate. “Me too, I don’t know what we would of done without that map,” he whispered
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