Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators

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NEGOTIATION ARTICLE ANALYSIS & CRITICAL REVIEW SIX HABITS OF MERELY EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATORS SUBMITTED ON 15 MAY 12 INTRODUCTION Negotiation happens whenever parties with different interests and perceptions depend on each other for results. Negotiation is often described more as an art than a science. Invariably, in any field of study, when comprehension gets too difficult for the student of the area of study, it is common to refer to the subject more as an art than science, as if in excuse for the failure to master an area that has too much in the realm of the abstract. Negotiation is definitely an art and a science, an art because it needs mastery and intuitive capability to utilize the right skills at the right time. But…show more content…
Whilst in some parts of the world people may not attach a premium to relationships, in other parts of the world, like parts of Asia in particular, people are brought up with the concept of valuing and nurturing human or interpersonal relationships as the most important and guiding factor of their lives. b) Social Contract. The Social Contract essentially means the “spirit of the deal”. Exclusive focus on the economic contract with no regard to the social contract would only result in a deal which is built on a very weak foundation. In a venture or in strategic alliances, goodwill and shared expectations are very important to keep the relationship going. Hence the focus should be on a positive social contract. c) The Process. The process of arriving at a deal, the ritual and the sparring may be considered an important part of deal making by some parties. Bargaining, as in India and may parts of the middle east and Asia is considered a very important ritual in the deal and the absence of it could often lead to a sense of dissatisfaction of the parties even if the economic aspects are to their satisfaction. d) Interests of the full set of Players. It is important that all the potentially influential internal players are on board with the deal. Neglecting the important small voice at some stage of the deal, can affect the deal if it turns out that the small voice came from someone important in the scheme of things. 3. Letting Positions drive
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