Six-Months Pregnant: Fetal Developmental Activity

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6 months-pregnant: There are certain activities women at the end of the second trimester and beginning of third trimester can do in order to ensure healthy fetal development, which later contributes to healthy child development. The first suggested activity could be the intake of prenatal vitamins, especially folic acid, which is essential for proper growth and development in the fetal stage (American Pregnancy Association, 2012). This can be achieved through taking synthetic multivitamins specifically designed for pregnant women as well as ensuring a healthy diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables. Developmentally, folic acid intake during pregnancy is critical in order to prevent neural tube defects in the developing fetus, which would lead to physical and psychological issues in childhood (Heseker, 2011). A second suggested activity during pregnancy could be for the pregnant woman to take care of herself psychologically and emotionally, to ensure that she is not too stressed or experiencing anxiety. Regular relaxation could be advised by taking up yoga and meditation. Too much prenatal stress can have negative developmental implications for the child later in life. Research has indicated that when mothers-to-be have high levels of pregnancy-specific anxiety, their offspring were significantly more likely to show lower inhibitory control among girls, and lower visuospatial working memory performance among girls and boys (Buss et al., 2011). A third and final
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