Six Pills: A Short Story

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I opened the pills. It was one of those pill bottle things that you need to push hard and twist. The pills were red and white. I got a handful of them. I took a gulp to clear my throat. The clear cup of water was next to me. I looked in the mirror and I was thinking. Should I really do this? Am I going to let go of my life? At the age of 15? Here we go…..*sighs*

Age 12. I was a happy girl until I found out my dad only had less than a year to live, due to cancer. I did everything with him. He taught me how to live life and taught me things. How to ride a bike without training wheels, how to cook ramen noodles, and how to read a book. My mom always works. So I barely see her. She tells me goodnight and after that I sleep. I wake up and I don’t
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We got to see my dad but he looked so depressed. I could see it in his eyes. I fed him hospital food. It was hard for him to even sit properly but he was able to budge. Me and my mom were sitting in the chairs next to his bed. My parents were both sleeping, but I was just on my phone texting Piper that my dad's alright. A few seconds later I hear my dad coughing. I tried to wake up my mom. She's a deep sleeper so I went to go get a doctor or someone. A doctor came and he got his stethoscope and put it on my dad's chest. Finally my mom woke up after all the nurses and doctors came in. I was against the wall and I was just staring at my dad. I could just see him struggling to breath. The heart monitor keeps beeping, then all of a sudden it was just a straight line. The noise of the machine was filling the room. My head was pounding and everything was unclear. One nurse got the paddle thing that shocks the person for them to be alive again. They put it to 200. It didn't work then they tried 300. Beeeep…… all I could hear is my mom crying and crying. She was yelling at everyone.
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She’s on the the ground pounding the floor. Screaming at everyone saying it was everyone's fault of my dad's death.

*The next day* My mom was in her room. At 2:00 in the afternoon. I could hear her sobbing and crying. I was just in my room on my laptop looking pictures of our family. I was really hungry. I went downstairs and made ramen, for me and mom. I went back upstairs and knocked on my moms door.
“Mom, do you want some ramen, I cooked some food for you.”
I was in shock of the word that came out of my mom's mouth. I went back into my room and ate my ramen noodles. Slowly, just staring at the wall. It was 5:00 in the afternoon. Our house was a complete mess. Clothes everywhere, food, And just everything around the house. To be honest I don't even know how all these stuff get in here. For the past few days my mom was just in her room sobbing, having my dad's clothes on her bed smelling them. I was scared to walk in the room because I know she would yell at me and scream these horrible things that I know she don't mean. I took a deep breath. *opens the creaky door, while
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