Six Principles Of Persuasion

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Persuasion is very important in communication especially during speeches or pitching a product, even when selling or trying to convince someone to do business with you. Companies use persuasion and so do individuals in both their private and personal lives. There is no right way or correct method used to persuade, however social psychologist Robert Cialdinioffers six principles of persuasion that are effective and powerful.(my clean 2010). They are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, commitment and consistency, consensus and liking. Recognizing and understand which of these principle is being used in an operation will give leverage to the inherent social norms and expectations to an individual.
Principle of reciprocity is the expectation we normally do for the exchange of value or service. When some one gives something the person receiving supplies to reciprocate by saying thank you or refusing. While this process is going on, there is a moment when the person giving have power over the person receiving, however if that exchange is dismisses the giver have lost the receiver. Reciprocating is a way to build true and relationships especially in a customer service environment, it reinforces everything from personal views to brand
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Most people are attracted to the unique and rare things, persuading them that it is necessary to get Ian item because there aren't many available they will act, because they are motivated to take is the perception of I adequate supply or a limited resource. A sales person can tell a customer that this is the last of an item or there aren't a lot available, by doing that the customer is compelled to take cation because they do not want to lose out on the item. The sales person therefore increase the chances of the customer purchasing.(McLean
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