Six Sigma And Total Quality Management

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Six Sigma versus Total Quality Management
MANA 6333
Loc Nguyen
Professor Thompson

This paper explores eight published books about Six Sigma and Total Quality Management. This paper will compare, contrast, analyze, discover, balance and provide excellent understanding of both quality methods.

Six Sigma vs TQM
In every organization large or small there needs to be a way where quality is measured. In quality control management there are two time tested tools that are proven to enhance the quality of products and services. Managing quality in a business is crucial to its success. Quality products and/or services help maintain loyalty in customers therefore they will return or continue purchasing products and/or services from the company. For example, Apple the technology company that has innovated and changed the technology industry has released products and services of the highest quality. Not only do they have quality products but they have also built a reputation for providing outstanding customer service within their operations. Because of their quality products and services; Apple maintains one of the most loyal consumer base in the world. They are also the most valuable company in terms of market value. Founder and former CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs was the ultimate perfectionist and expected his staff to deliver the highest quality work while current CEO Tim Cook was an operational genius. Tim Cook contrasted Steve Jobs in terms of…
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