Six Sigma Application at Samsung Electronics Co

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Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC): Six Sigma The Korean-based company Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC) has credited the managerial philosophy of Six Sigma with enhancing its productivity and enabling it to cut waste from its production processes and supply chain. SEC has always been on the cutting edge in terms of its use of total quality management (TQM) techniques. Six Sigma's focus on quality and zero defects was "added to upgrade these techniques and improve SEC's competitive position in world markets. As a foundation for Six Sigma, SEC focused on developing its internal resources to put innovation first in the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of its products and the growth of its employees" (Yun & Chua 2002: 13). Six Sigma, as distinct from other forms of TQM techniques, boasts of itself as "a data-driven method for achieving near perfect quality. Six Sigma analyses can focus on any element of production or service, and has a strong emphasis on statistical analysis in design, manufacturing and customer-oriented activities' (Chapman 2011). The philosophy is so popular it has evolved into a business in and of itself, complete with a highly structured training program. Trainers are awarded various 'belts' based upon their successful completion of different aspects of the program (Chapman 2011). Six Sigma is not a philosophy that can be implemented in 'bits and pieces' and Samsung had to undertake a profound cultural transformation to shift over to a Six Sigma
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