Six Sigma Implementation at Maple Leaf Foods

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 Maple

leaf Foods (MLF) company is based in Toronto, Canada with Operation across Canada and in United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Mexico.

 Maple

Leaf Brand appeared more then 100

years.  In 1990, Maple Leaf Mills Limited and Canada Packers Inc. merged to form Maple Leaf Foods.  In 1995, McCain Capital Corporation and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board acquired controlling interest in the company

 Louann

Hulsoman, a senior manger at Maple Leaf Food’s, had asked to meet Anthony Scire, plant manager at Maple Leaf Food’s Rivermede plant in Toranto, regarding a new initiative that she was heading, six Sigma @ The Edge. Based on the recent success of Six Sigma at the Rivermede plant, Louann had approached Anthony about
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Why had it been unsuccessful previously?

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Management culture was consistent, Where Management has built, or is actively building , a fact-based , scientific, transparent , open and customer focus environment. Worked proactively Discipline from high- performance Able to conduct organized projects across functions, location and business


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Management culture is not consistent with MLF values, passive resistance, unchanged opinions , defensiveness and silos. Not able to work-proactively, no discipline from high performance Not Able to conduct organized projects across functions, location and business

 What

is the role of Six Sigma in the Maple Leaf Foods organization? Is it a set of tools or a manufacturing philosophy? Is it strategic or tactical?

Answer : Key element of the company’s strategy is leadership Edge, and initiative that focus on achieving competitive advantage by developing people at all levels in the organization


was driven by its seven core strategic principles

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Invest in market leadership Build our brands Drive costs out Innovate Add value to our products

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