Six Sigma Notes

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Process Improvement
Process improvement is a fundamental to business management. If you run an operation (and all businesses do, one way or another) you are reliant on two things: * The people you employ, their skills and capabilities * The processes that you use, the way you do things
So the only ways an operation can perform better are to improve its processes or its people.
Changing processes (the way you do things) is something we all do everyday.
So what is all the Fuss About?
There is a lot of mystique associated with process improvement, lots of jargon and multiple methodologies but process improvement is very easy. There are only three simple questions that you need to get your mind around:
1. What is your purpose?
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In his report he discovered that the products with fewer non-conformities (high quality) were the ones that performed well after delivery to the customer. It was accepted by everyone but the challenge that came in front of Motorola executives was to develop a solution to tackle this problem.
Mikel Harry having a doctorate from Arizona University worked with Bill Smith in developing a four-phase problem solving approach - Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. A few years later Bob Galvin launched a long-term quality program called “The Six Sigma Quality Program” in Motorola.
Looking at the success of Motorola, many companies like Texas Instruments, Allied Signal etc started using Six Sigma methodology to bring organization-wide improvements.
In 1990’s Jack Welch launched Six Sigma in GE in a big way. He implemented Six Sigma in all areas and ensured that the entire organization participates in the initiative. He changed the performance incentives and made them based on individual’s ability and enthusiasm to take part in Six Sigma initiatives. He transformed GE to a state where Six Sigma had become the culture of the organization and not just a methodology for brining organization-wide improvements.
What is Six Sigma ? Definition of Six SigmaSix Sigma is not a mere methodology or a quality tool. It is a philosophy i.e. a systematic way of thinking to solve quality problems. Six sigma involves
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