Six Steps for Perceiving a Product Advertising

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Building an awareness of brand in the market is a goal of every organization; it offers the prosperous benefits for firms including larger profit margins, higher brand extension opportunities, greater intermediary cooperation (Ranjbarian, Abdollahi and Khorsandnejad, 2011). The strong brand images provided by the companies through advertising add recognition and value to company’s products and make it different and unique from its competitors. As known for decades, advertising has been always an imperative tool as well as one for the main strategies used for introducing and promoting a new product in the market by creating an innovative idea though media to attract the intention of the prospective customers. “Advertising is important tool in creating awareness among customers” (Hamdee, 2013). The fundamental purposes of advertising is to inform the potential customer about an emergent product and to persuade consumer to purchase some specific goods and services (Scutaru, 2010). The high availability of the media channels such as television, radio and internet play significant role to boost advertising in order to creating image brand and awareness among the customers and public. According to hierarchy of effect model created by Lavide and Steiner explain that there are six steps for perceiving a product advertisement.
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