Six Thinking Hat Approach

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Impact of Solution The “Six Thinking Hat” approach that was outlined in Hoefer (2016) will look at the impacts of initiating a “Violence Against Women Educational & Prevention Program.”
White Hat. Looking at the statics of violence against women, “it is estimated that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives, while “70% of women have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner in their lifetime” (United Nations Women, 2016). Gaps in this data include the severity of violence against women. Often times when violence is used against women, the perpetrator makes threats to those of importance to the women (children,
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An educational project is a weak idea because what if all people aren’t reached? What if people don’t attend or participate in the program? What happens when emotions are sparked in those who have experienced violence? What happens if an institution fails to conduct the program? These are all negative aspects of the program, which is why during the planning phase many people need to get involved so the chances of these lessen significantly.
Yellow Hat. This program is a great idea because there are many programs for victims and perpetrators of violence against women, yet, none that educate and support respect for all people. By providing this program many people will be saved from the repercussions of violence against women. Education will be provided for at least grades kindergarten through 12th grade, which will help prevent and hopefully create more reports of when this does happen. The statistics will also become more accurate, which will also foster more change.
Green Hat. To keep the creativity flowing, meetings will be held at different spots. At all meetings there will be different items on the table, such as pipe cleaners and play-doh, to help foster an active mind. If this does not help the creativity, brainstorming and different activities will be used to help get back on
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VEP fosters the idea of education. Through this educational program the children, teens and adults will learn through assemblies, different presentations and lesson plans. Through VEP, violence against women and the impacts, along with and respect between women and men will be learned. The program will also include a way for people to report violence that specially focuses on protection and safety for that individual and the individuals involved. The different presentation styles and educational content will be developed in a way that is appropriate to each age level it is
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