Sixteen Key Chains

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Sixteen Key chains “Dad, you cannot be serious. Tomorrow is going to be the biggest day of my entire life. Why are you trying to ruin it!” exclaimed sixteen year old Melanie Cartwright. She was referring to the teenage right to finally become a licensed driver. To her it felt like she had been waiting for this day for a hundred years. She was the last of her friends to finally turn sixteen, and the only one of her friends to fail the test the first time around. “I'm not ruining it, I just think that it would be smart of you to reschedule, you know get some extra practice” said her dad as kindly as he could. The two spoke alongside the cherry wood cabinets that spread around the room in the kitchen of their Spanish style home overlooking Lake Norman. Melanie sat on the cold, tan granite counter top with her feet dangling over the edge. She had a desperate look in her eyes that her father couldn’t resist. “Please dad? I promise I am ready, I’ll even show you! Let’s go for a drive right now and I can prove it” she begged. She knew he wasn’t being hesitant because of her driving skills, it was the incident. This was one of his biggest weaknesses. He couldn’t say no to her, he harbored a feeling of guilt every time she asked for something. Greg, her father, sat on one of the brown wooden bar stools, and put his head down with exhaustion. “Fine, but if I don’t think you're ready, you have to reschedule. I just want what’s best for you Melanie.” He lifted his head to see his
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