Sixth Sense Technology : Fourth Sense Essay

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Sixth Sense Technology provides us a near resemblance of a natural sixth sense, a higher order sense than the five senses we have. Sixth Sense Technology device have a mini-projector and a camera which are connected to a smartphone. Smartphone is used as a computer and have internet connectivity. Camera recognizes any object or person in the view with help of the internet connectivity and important information about that object can be projected on any desired surface including the object itself or user’s hand. User can easily interact with the information, manipulate or access it using fingers and simple hand gestures. It follows various type of hand gestures. For eg. If user wants to call someone he have to just put forward his hand in front of the projector and a picture of dial-keypad will appear on his palm and he can use it in exactly the same way as by cellphone. To see the time user have to just draw a circle on his wrist and a watch will be projected on his wrist. To take a photo you have to just make the frame using your fingers and a photo will be taken. File manager can be organized using any surface as an interface and hand gestures as your commands. Similarly this device has a large number of applications. And it is also highly portable usually worn in neck. Many more application can be listed as mapping, a map can be projected on any surface and can be zoomed in or out as required; drawing, using the movement of finger tips as brushes user can draw on any
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