Sixties Music Vs Today's Culture

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There are many differences between today’s generation and the sixties generation. David Pichaske’s book titled Generation in Motion: Popular Music and Culture in the Sixties, outlines the views of the sixties and how they voiced those views. In the sixties music was the expression of the generation, in today’s society that hasn’t changed much. Music today also expresses the political events and views, but also social media has become a very popular source for expression of political views. As a generation we are passive, hiding behind our devices. Although, recently we have had big protests, such as black lives matter and police brutality.
Today our culture expresses their views through music, similar to the sixties. In today’s world rap and
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Pichaske described children of the sixties as such, “Undistracted, innocent, and responsible, children of the sixties brashly attacked injustice, irritation, and idiocy head on. The undertaking was, though quixotic and naive, supremely heroic” (52). Our generation today would not receive that same definition. Unlike the sixties generation radicals, we like to hide behind the screens of our devices. In today’s generation, we voice our opinion on social media instead to physically protesting against an unjust cause. Rarely today do people even write to legislature about an issue that they feel is wrong, today our youth rather sit behind a screen and whine about how somebody should do something to fix it. “Pacifism, many believed, was not working” (66). Now today the majority of the population is passive, especially in the Midwest. Twitter and Facebook are both very popular sources for passive protesting. People will post their opinions about candidates and world issues for everybody to see but many would be reluctant to voice that same opinion face to face with a group of people. Protesting today isn’t what it used to be in the sixties. In the Midwest you barely see large amounts of protestors standing outside, especially adults within the age of 25 and…show more content…
The biggest protest today is Black Lives Matter. According to an article posted by USA Today titled Black Lives Matter’ protesters block S.F. bay bridge, posted on January 16, 2016 protestors blocked traffic on the westbound span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge as a part of a long weekend aimed at reclaiming Martian Luther King Jr’s legacy of radicalism (Toppo, 2016). The protest only ended up lasting a few hours because the cops started arresting protesters. Black Lives Matter is an international activist movement that campaigns against violence toward black people. A big issue that they have focused on is police brutality against black
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