Sizable Subject: The Plus Side Of Fashion

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As we have learned previously people who have disabilities have a hard time finding clothing that fit and are comfortable to wear. Caitlyn Pallas presented “You can’t sit with us” the fashion industries effect of the body image of people with disabilities to help teach the class the struggles she has gone through since she has became disabled. Caitlyn fell out of a dress and became paralyzed from the chest down during her sophomore year of college. She had to re-learn how to do everything things like using her hands, putting makeup on and getting dressed. She explained how she believes that people with disabilities are objectified in the media to make other people feel better which takes away from the people who have disabilities that deserve to be celebrated. Through her own experiences she learned that special fit clothing is not typically stylish and there is not…show more content…
A plus size woman is someone who wears a size 14 or larger in normal clothing. Allyson Ancona presented “Sizable Subject: The Plus Side of Fashion” to help explain the struggles and the opportunities plus size women have. She found that a lot of brands have a lack of consideration for plus size women and are unwilling to produce bigger clothing. Even top designers have commented on the subject and simply tell people that if they cannot fit into the clothing they are making then they shouldn’t be wearing it. Some opportunities for plus size clothing would be to transition the selling of it from online to brick and mortar so these women are able to try the clothing on. In order to do this the data for sizing needs to be updated because we are still using a system from over 20 years ago and women’s bodies have changed since then. Although many brands do not carter to plus size women there have been changes and we can now see plus size clothing for women in stores like Torrid, H&M, Target and
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