Size Of The Grand Canyon-Personal Narrative

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Today is going to be great. I woke up this morning with a smile the size of the Grand Canyon. My roommate even looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't care though, today was the day that if we made it coach was going to tell us if we were going to the state championships. Which I'm pretty confident that we are. My team is 10 to 2 we're having an amazing season. I pushed my fluffy black and white comforter with at least 10 blankets on top ( I get really cold at night) and got out of bed. I head to the shower with the music blaring. The water worked its way into my thick curly hair, and slid down my back and then to the drain. I was in the shower for about 20 minutes. I got out of the shower wrapped a warm steam dampened towel…show more content…
They were only simple drills; 2 laps around the gym, getting a partner and stretching arms and legs , setting and passing the ball with your partner. Madi and I were helping the girls with their techniques and my wrist started hurting again, I got a wrist wrap and wrapped it up a little less than half my forearm. It was 3:30 when we left the school and it was a 15 minute drive back to campus. Madi drove us to the gym where the practice was being held at. We both changed for practice and ran to coach Blairs, coach is tall with dark short brown hair with light streaks of a silver grey soon opened a package when we huddled around her chair and she reads the letter. “To the girls of Cedar wood university volleyball {SWAT Volleyball }we are happy to Announce that you have made it to the state championships with 3 other teams. You will be playing, served hots Hamilton state college, Mass Spikes’ briklin state college and Dig This’ Coolidge College. The whole team of 12 girls instantly screaming once coach finished the letter. Screaming cheering is all you could see. Jumping and the girls hugging each other, after the cheering settled down coach had us run, pass, set, and pretty much warm up with our partners. Madi and I ran the stretches. Soon after all that we had a water…show more content…
“Hey Mads, you ready for a 2 hour plane ride.” “Definitely not. Have you met me.”
“Come on we're goin’ to be late.” We got in the Uber, and were on our way to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport. Our flight left at 5 am it's 3 now. “ You should go to the doctor, Kay. Your wrist seems to be getting worse.” I heard Madlin say out of nowhere.
“ I'm fine. It's fine. Its wrapped I ice my wrist every night before bed.” It's frustrating because my wrist only hurts after practice, and for the next 3 days we have 2 practices. When we got on the plane, we were sitting in coach, the seats were comfortable. We were traveling from Atlanta,Georgia to Orange county, Los Angeles, a 2 hour flight. We made it to LA. Me and Madi were both hungry. Mads turned to me and stopped right in front of me. Halting any more movement and almost tripping me. She started talking. “Plane food isn't filling at all. I'M starving. And the pla-” I cut her off to talk. “Chill you almost tripped me.” I said slowly. She nodded, I continued
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