Sizzle Sizzle Short Story

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Sizzle Sizzle. “What is that Glorious Smell” says Kevin. He rushes out of his bed following the smell like a dog chasing a bone. “ This smells great” says Kevin as he walked into the kitchen to see his wife cooking breakfast. He chows down the food so fast that he gets a stomach cramp as he gets up. As Kevin walks back to his room, he remembers what had happened to him a few weeks earlier. Kevin and his team had lost in the conference finals of the NBA Playoffs. The whole nation had hope they would win the NBA Championship, but that standard didn’t last for long. Kevin wiped away the memory and got dressed for basketball camp that they had for the Oklahoma Thunder. Then a thought came to his mind, the Golden State Warriors had just won the NBA championship, Kevin had never won a NBA championship, this could be his chance but he didn’t have time to think about it any longer or he would be late.
Err Err Err. Carl throws his alarm clock to the ground. Smash! This alarms Carl and gets out of bed to put it back together. As soon as he is finished his mother calls him down to eat breakfast and then he remembers what today is. Today was his basketball camp and it was at the Oklahoma Thunder training facility. He rushes down stairs and gets his clothes on so fast it was like he was the flash. They had no time to eat and they were on their way to go meet carl's favorite player of all time, Kevin Durant.
Kevin gets into his shiny, sparkling and dazzling car and drives off to the
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