Skadurz Pro

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Course Management Principles Instructor: Kathy Tarrant Date: June 24, 2010 Case Study Elements 1. The primary case participants are owner Joel St. Marseille and his mother full time manager Connie St. Marseille. 2. The organization is Skadurz Pro which is a store that sells skateboard and snowboard equipment as well as clothing, shoes and accessories. 3. The problems facing this organization are the retirement of Connie, the stores full time manager, as well as the stores two current locations. There is competition moving in across the street from the New Sudbury location, and the building that houses the South End location is up for sale. If St. Marseille decides to keep both locations, he does not think that he can manage…show more content…
Will the new building owner want to renew the stores lease? Keeping the New Sudbury location open where competitor West 49 is moving in will affect store sales. Is it worth the risk to keep that location open? This store has been open at this location for 10 years and is well known by customers. St. Marseille worries about the success of the New Sudbury location once West 49 opens and estimates that in fiscal year 2004 annual store sales at this location would total $350,000 and all other expenses would remain comparatively stable. External perspectives The skateboarding and snowboarding business in Ontario has really grown. Skateboarding became a popular sport and by 2004 there were nine city skateboard parks and plans to construct three more in Sudbury. The city of London, Ontario has only four skateboard parks to serve a population of close to 350,000. By the growth of skateboard parks there is an opportunity for competition to move in as it is doing with the opening of West 49 at the New Sudbury Shopping Center. There is other competition in Sudbury, Pinnacle Sports, however that store is known for its biking and cross-country ski equipment and does carry a small amount of skateboarding and snowboarding equipment but its primary focus is biking and cross-country ski equipment . Skadurz Pro is a unique store as it has the opportunity to afford customers a personal touch, something that a large
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