Skakespeare and his style of writing

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Shakespeare’s plays are a product of the Elizabethan theatrical context in which they were first performed. A lot of pressure was put on Shakespeare as he wrote his plays because he was not allowed to upset the royal family. His style would have been different than others in those times and a lot more thought has gone into his writing than people listening would think. Usually, the audience take for granted the cleverness and thought of Shakespeare’s writing, however, now we have studied and gone into great detail about Shakespeare’s writing, we can appreciate it more than they did: The Globe Theatre was where Shakespeare had most of his plays performed. It had many decorations to make it look appealing and to try and to make it seem…show more content…
For example, they say “Bernado,” and “Holla Barnado” and “Say – what, is Horatio there?” He also cunningly tells us the people in the play are: “And liegeman to the Dane”, “the rivals of my watch” and “Friends to the ground”. This tells us that Horatio and Marcellus are the “good guys” and it also tells us their role in the play – the watch. Also, Shakespeare sets the scene. Dialogue has to compensate for the lack of real night time. He does this by using dialogue like: “Tis now struck twelve” and “ Who’s there?” “Stand and unfold yourself”, and “Give you good night.” He also tells us what the night is like, “Tis bitter cold,” and “Not a mouse stirring.” This all tells us that the night is cold, quiet, just gone twelve and nothing much is happening, without the use of real darkness. Shakespeare also uses hidden stage directions for the actors’ sake, for instance, Barnado says “Get thee to bed Francisco” which is really telling the actor to leave the stage. Shakespeare also says “Barnado hath my place. Give you good night” which tells the other actors that he will be leaving the stage. This also tells the audience that Barnado is taking over his place from then on. Barnado also says, “Sit down a while” then Horatio says “Well, sit we down” which means that they should sit down. Furthermore, Shakespeare will use the actors as narrators. They would tell the audience what is happening, but at the same time they would be playing their part in the play. For

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