Skateboarding Is A Sport Of Riding A Skateboard

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Skateboarding is a new experience, expressing styles and fashions flourishing creative minds, new abilities, experiences and expanding community. Skateboarding is a highly growing sport in the young community and globally making a change in stereotypes and visual culture. Skateboarding influences society as an action sport, considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a form of transportation. Skateboarding is the sport of riding a skateboard, is how skateboarding was defined in ( A skateboard is defined as “a short narrow board with two small wheels fixed to the bottom of either end, on which as a recreation or sport a person can ride in a standing or crouching position, propelling themselves by…show more content…
In the 2000’s many cities have built many skate parks and camps learning availability. As in (The History of Skateboarding By: Sky Siljeg and Scott Starr) In the article (Statistics On Skateboarder Ages Over The Years, by Rob Meronek in 2013). Skaters in 2004 raged from the ages of 13 to 14, four years from then in 2008 the skateboarder top ages were still 13 and 14 but have ranged from 8 years of age to the early 20’s majority 22 years old. In 2012 the top 3 ages were 13, 16 and 21, there are the older skaters or younger skaters have kept skating until that year. The range from 2012 was from 6 years to 31 years of age. In 2015 approximately 6.44 million people participate in skateboarding. About 77 percent of the participants are male skateboarders and 23 percent are female skateboarders, skateboarding is well diversified between genders. Threw the growing of skateboarding, skateboarding styles were created, probably the oldest styles of skateboarding freestyle skateboarding was developed as a mode of transportation in the 1960’s, skaters would make their own style while riding or flow, but in the 1980’s long after the Ollie and other tricks were invented skates would form a style with obstacles and routines. In the 1970’s Vert skateboarding was invented which originated from pool riding, riding a skateboard in emptied backyard pools. Which has transitioned into skateboarding on

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