Skateboarding Philosophy

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What is the main objective of this experience for the 4 guys? The main objective for these guys is to go on a trip to do skateboard with persons that share the same passion. They also want to learn different skateboarding style from friends who come from different cities and improve their skills. Which locations impressed you the most and why? The locations that impressed me the most is the ones with the waterslides and the sort of garage. At the waterslides location, they had nothing to do tricks, but they took tables and stairs to jump over with the help of a bungee. And at the garage, they took things that were already there and made jumps and slides with that. They put something that was very high to jump over it, but it was so high that it took them several tries before succeeding. Which one did you like the least and why? The one I liked the least is the one where they jump…show more content…
It is different because our sport is different. They don’t need a coach like me to practice or to learn new tricks. They can learn from each other new styles. They can upgrade their skills by themselves by just watching and practicing. In tennis, it is just not possible. How do you regard skateboarding? I found it is a very nice sport because it takes a lot of coordination of the feet, which is very difficult, and you have to be very clever to keep your balance. There also are always new tricks to learn that are not easy. I have great admiration for those who have managed to become big stars in the world of skateboarding because there are so many to practise this sport and it is hard to climb among the best. What is your opinion about the athletes represented in this movie? I think that they are great athletes. It’s not the same as in tennis though. Our sports are very different. I think that they are very brave because it takes them several tries to succeed and become good with new tricks. They fall a lot and sometimes they can be injured very
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