Skateboaring Culture

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The main idea of my project was to bring awareness to the public about skateboarding culture and some of the history behind it. Currently, skateboarding is big in pop-culture and is considered a “cool” thing to do; however, not very long ago that was not the case. Skateboarding was something done by outsiders. It was something that losers, freeks and geeks did. It was the exact opposite of cool. The passionate words of pro skateboarder Jeff Grosso paints a perfect picture of what skateboarding means to real skateboarders and how it is done for the love of it, not because it is “trending.” For the project, I tried to use bright/neon complimentary colours where possible, such as where the lime green of “WEIRDOS” at TIME, contrasts the pink background. This was because skateboarders back in the day used to wear very vibrant, loud, obnoxious colors and I wanted to express that through my choice of color palette. The typeface I used was Gill Sans Ultra Bold and Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed. I chose to use these fonts because of the impact it has on the page while still have a somewhat ‘fun’ feeling to them. Above everything else, skateboarding is all about having fun. When specific words needed to be more impactful, I would dilate them to make the typeface larger and/or give them special effects such as for “FREEKS” at TIME. When transitions could take more time, they were generally softer, such as the fade at TIME and harder when they were fast transitions such as “UNDERSTOOD” to “MUSIC”. As well, I tried to not repeat the same type of transitions. I used panning from MUSIC to DRESSING to HAIRSTYLES at TIME and help transition the scene while keeping the skateboard character in the frame and then…show more content…
And no, because you “used to longboard,” have a Thrasher Magazine hoodie, or know what Supreme is, does not mean you are a skateboarder or a part of its culture. Fuck
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