Skaxis: A Narrative Fiction

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“So my mom betrayed me?! No, you don’t need to answer that question. I already know the answer. I’m not ‘slow on the pick up’. I’ve heard of Skaxis before. It’s an amazing planet. Everyone there has one specialized unique talent besides their general magic power. There is no way we could be from that planet. No way…” Jojo trailed off as though thinking about that as a possibility. “Of course there is a way, Jojo. Just think about it. You don’t remember your parents, and you, out of all the people on the planet of Spitak, have powers, and no one else. You can transport people. Kristien, you were in an orphanage, but you don’t remember much of it. And lastly, Israel, you were kidnapped by Spitak, but you were four, you couldn’t have remembered…show more content…
“You three! It’s time for lunch. Come upstairs, you’re having tuna fish sandwiches, chips, juice, and an apple. Hurry, because after lunch, Roman would like to speak with you individually, not in a group like last time,” he said. They hurried to the dining room. It had three wooden chairs, a table, and a lunch on the table. They sat down, and ate hungrily. Kristien finished first, and Alphonzo, who was in the room, took her to see Roman. They had left the building, and went to the first brick building they had seen, and then back to the marble tiled room, which, this time, had a desk in it. There was a chair sitting beside it, and that was where Roman sat. “Why hello Kristien. You know what the OA is now, don’t you. Now sit down,” he said, smirking. “Now, I’d like to get to know you a little bit better and faster, than I’d get to know you from just watching you. Please answer all these questions truthfully,” he said, handing her a piece of paper and pencil that had been sitting on the desk. It was a lot of questions made by Roman. It was hand written, and quite meticulous. Name: What do you think your power is? Explain more about

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