Skeleton Construction System

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Done By: Dina Khouri 1090999 Islam Hijazi 1080984 Marian Shomali 1090213

Instructed by: Dr. Mohammad Abd-al-hadi


Precast Concrete

Every construction material and system has its own characteristics which to a greater or lesser extend influence the layout, span length, construction depth, stability system, etc. This is also the case for precast concrete, not only in comparison to steel, wood and masonry structures, but also with respect to cast in-situ concrete. Theoretically, all joints between the precast units could be made in such a way
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Structural system7:
The system consists of L-shaped and T-shaped frame units placed on top of each other.Simply supported floor slabs span between the frames.
The frame units are placed simply supported on the base and on top of each other hinged connections are made between the frame units as pin-joints at the mid-span of the beams.

Structural system 8: The system shown is formed by H-shaped frames with cantilever beam. Slabs are simpley supported by spanning them from beam to beam.
The connections between the H-shaped frames are formed as pin-joints at the mid-hieght of the columns and between the cantilevers beams.
All rigid joints are made as an integrated part of the fram units. Slabs span from frame to fram.

Structural system 9:
The system consists of unspliced four-storey high continuous columns with cantilever attachements for supporting the beams. Floor slabs are simpley supported on the beams.
The columns are restrained at their bases. Beams are simply supported on column-attachements.all rigid joints are made as integrated parts of the columns.

For Horizontal Loads:
Braced skeletal system
-stability is provided by shear walls,shear cores or other bracing systems.
-the base may be pinned or moment resisting connections.
-beam-column connections may be rigid or pinned.

Behavior of structure

This Figure describes the
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