Skeletons Are Hard For Skeleton Essay

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Skeletons are often seen hanging around during the Halloween, but I see them quite often in the classroom. Some students are expert skeletons makers. So let's look at such a skeleton.

I walked into class late. The teacher looked at me. I sat down and opened my book. I heard footsteps approach. The teacher cleared her throat. I looked the teacher in the eye.

This is the writing I see from many students, so what is the problem. Well, the flesh is missing from this piece of writing. When I read this I have nothing to chew on, only bones to gnaw on. Look at the same piece of writing with the flesh hanging off the bones.

I walked into the class late. However, it wasn't my fault that the stupid principal had stopped me in the hallway
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My vision was blurred from the stinging tears welling up in my eyes obscuring the words written on the page. My mind refused to neither take hold of the teacher's words nor register any information being sprayed out upon the class. I heard footsteps approaching. One word and only one word popped into my mind: GREAT! So, another encounter was soon coming from I-Am-Perfect-In-Every-Way-Mrs. Nibbits. She had to be the most stuck on herself a teacher in the world. Mrs. Nibbits cleared her throat. The noise grated against my already frazzled brain causing me to sink in my seat trying to escape the annoying words that were soon to be heard. “Now what do thing you are doing Miss Purple-Pink Head? I am going to report to the principal.” I looked the teacher in the eye. In control of my damaged emotions and ready for a battle that would soon ensue, I suddenly switch strategies and said, “You know I really like the way you wear your hair, and that dress just really looks nice.” The words slammed into Mrs. Nibbits causing her to stand speechless. Soon she just walked away with an odd look on her face. The battle was
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