Sketch Of Anne And Her Nurse By Mary Cassatt

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Sketch of Anne and Her Nurse by Mary Cassatt is an impressionism style artwork. It is an oil and canvas painting, done in 1897. This artwork is currently on display at the Portland Museum of Art (Portland Museum of Art, 2017). Impressionism is a 19th century artistic movement founded in Paris by a few artists. Mary Cassatt spent most of her adulthood in France and was one of the known artists in the Impressionist movement. Impressionists faced criticism at first, as it was considered a radical departure from tradition. They were looked down upon and rejected by academic institutions, which had great power over the careers of artists. Despite the criticism they received, they were not distracted; their goals were to promote and influence…show more content…
Mary Cassatt graduated high school in 1861 at the age of seventeen. Drawing was her passion, with a failed attempted to convince her father to send her to Europe to study art; she started her studies in art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Her father had hopes that once she finished her studies, she would settle down getting married and start a family of her own. Cassatt completed her four years of study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1865; during that time period it was unheard of for a young woman to become a professional artist, in this male dominant filed (Witkoski, 2016). Cassatt was a very modern thinking woman for her time and after her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, she successfully convinced her father that she needed to learn more in Europe (Stafford PTSA, 2017). Cassatt was one of the most respected American art students in France by 1868, but the Franco-Prussian War forced her to return to the America. Being back in the America she struggled to fine proper art supplies, models or a studio, an opportunity to return to Europe arose by a chance meeting with the Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh. She traveled to in Italy in 1871, as she was commissioned to copy two of Antonio Correggio paintings for a Cathedral in Pittsburgh (Stafford PTSA, 2017). She spent several years traveling through Holland, Belgium and Spain, eventually making her way back

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