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The Little Bison Basin





The Little Bison River flows from small glaciers in the high cirques of the Rocky Mountains east to the Great Plains of North America, where it ultimately joins the Missouri system. The valley through the Rockies contains a few small towns which are supported by the ski industry and tourism. Recently, extensive natural gas deposits have been discovered in the area, and salvage archaeology projects have been funded to assess the nature of archaeological resources prior to the construction of pipelines, access roads, and well heads. You have been asked to summarize the prehistory of the area for a book on the local history of the resort town of Poplar, soon to celebrate its centennial.
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Rock suitable for the production of stone tools is fOW1don every mountain range, and in creek beds as cobbles and pebbles. Two surveys have been conducted in the area. Horned Toad Consultants conducted extensive judgemental surveys during initial impact assessment, concentrating on the grasslands of the Little Bison valley, two arbitrarily chosen tributary valleys (Cripple Creek and Silver Creek), one cirque (below Smith Peak) and the Inverness Plateau. Four site types were defined. Camp sites contain a wide range of artifact types and fire broken rock. Kill sites contain a restricted range of artifacts (mainly projectile points) and large quantities of bone. Lithic scatters are small sites with no diagnostic artifacts. Quarries have large quantities of debitage, usually associated with shallow pits dug into bedrock. The distribution of sites and diagnostic artifacts is shown in Figure 8.1. Recently R. Bootheel undertook a survey of the area using random sampling techniques. Although her M.A. thesis is still being written, she has commented on the previous survey as follows:




My work in the region confirms the dense distribution of sites along the Little Bison valley and all tributary valleys. It also identifies the much lower frequency of sites in plateau areas. However, the judgemental sampling techniques employed by Horned Toad Con- .
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