Ski Persuasive Speech

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Imagine you are gliding over sparkling water with a small gust of wind blowing over your wet body. PLOP! Wait you don’t know how to water ski? Let’s fix this I’ll teach you personally how to water ski so you will have few troubles. I promise you if you follow these steps you will be able to have a blast while getting your exercising in.

One of the most important steps is to get the right equipment. You need to go to a place for water sports to get the best type. One of the main necessities you need is a boat I recommend a ski boat because it will have more force to help pull you up on ski’s. You also need water ski’s I got my pair of water ski’s from bill’s marina up near deep creek lake. The ski type I have are the Connelly Voyage 88 Skis w/slide Adj. 61150313. I recommend these skis, because they allow you to adjust the bindings to fit multiple size feet. Theses ski’s also come with a cross bar which is very helpful if you're not up for doing to splits. Lastly if you have advanced users on ski’s or you are trying to learn how to salom you can with these sik’s. The next equipment item is a tow rope. This tow rope needs to be around around 70-75 feet. The rope should include a handle with a comfortable gripping. Lastly you must by law have a life jacket, not one of those orange one that they give you at a boat rental you need a ski jackets. These look like vest that buckle up and can be tightened. If you are still not sure about the right sizing for the equipment

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