Skid Row and the Safer Cities Initiative

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The Safer Cities Initiative of Los Angeles was brought upon the city in late 2006 by Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. The Initiative was primarily designed to remove the homeless and mentally ill citizens from the isolated, 50 by 5 block, Los Angeles streets, known Nationally as Skid Row. In the end the S.C.I. violated these citizens civil rights and failed to meet any set obligations and responsibilities. Since the city of Los Angeles put this initiative into motion, the city then became responsible for these people, as if they were the “parent” of these homeless “children”. You can’t kick a homeless person off the streets, they’re homeless. So where do they go if they aren’t allowed on the street? Where do the mentally ill go if there are…show more content…
Los Angeles has the highest homeless population in the country, double more than that of New York, with the shocking estimate of 83,347 people living in Los Angeles County on the streets or in shelters on any one night, at any given point in time, and 224,203 annually in Los Angeles County ( excluding those in Long Beach, Pasadena and Glendale ). Including the estimates in Long Beach, Pasadena, and Glendale the total is approximately 91,000 people. 80%- 90% of the people in Skid Row are drug addicts and in Los Angeles County 21% of the homeless cited drug addiction as the cause of their current situation ( ⅔ struggle with mental illness and addiction ) , and on average 10 out of 12 times they will relapse, making the success rate of staying clean 1 out of 6. The number one drug of choice is crack cocaine, the number 2 drug is heroin ( approximately 100,000 users in Los Angeles County ), the next in line is methamphetamine. In 2000 - 2004 Skid Row lost 1000 housing units. In 2005 there were 1,544 violent crimes on Skid Row, 10 times more than in Beverly Hills which is 8 miles away. This is the city away from downtown. Skid Row has 5 major missions that service 6,561 homeless families. Midnight Mission was the first shelter to be built in downtown Los Angeles. It was established in 1914 ,by Tom Liddecoat " father of the poor", as a refuge for the men of Skid Row. in 1922 the midnight mission was given a non-profit status. in 1933 Henry Richman

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