Skiing Is A Way Of Survival

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As you stand at the top of a run and look down over the mountain; with twisting and turning slopes, you feel at peace and connected with nature. This is what skiing can do for you; however, it hasn’t always been a way to get out and enjoy the mountain air. As a matter of fact, skiing used to be mainly for survival. Scientists have found rock art drawn by ancient civilizations in 8000 B.C. that depict people skiing. Back in those days, it was the Scandinavians, Russians, and Altay Mountain folk that were using some form of skis to travel vast distances and hunt; thus skiing was a way of survival. It wasn’t until about the 1860’s that Americans in Sierra Nevada started to use skis to race and have fun. After that, well the rest is history- skiing is now a significant leisure activity around the world. However, there are important points in the history of skiing that made a considerable difference in the ski world we know today. It is still being debated where skiing originated, but it most likely the Tuvan’s who developed skiing within the Altay Mountains of China. Altay skis were made of wood with one end curled upward, there were straps for your feet, and horsehide on the bottoms. The horse hair made the skis grip when walking uphill, but then slide when going downhill. The Tuvan’s also used a single pole called a Taiyak for steering and balance. The skis were approximately 8 feet long and skier used them by leaning back extremely far; making them gain speed quickly. This
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