Skill Acquisition Is A Important For Every Individual

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Skills are very important for every individual in this world. It defines the line between the technicians who earn more money than university graduates with one or more degrees. Most of the university graduates have been given theoretical knowledge of what they major in, but in most cases, these graduates lack the basic skills that will enable them to compete with technicians who have an immense knowledge of practical aspects of the job they perform. Skill acquisition is, therefore, the ability of an individual to receive training on a particular task or a function and be in a position to perform in and even be an expert in performing the task. It can also be defined as the optimization of players by developing skills that enable the employees to be functional, effective and manage to work under pressure. In the world today, unemployment is a big issue especially among the youth who claim that there are no jobs yet there are many basic skills that they can learn to enable them develop themselves in self-employment.
Organizations, therefore, have to work on ensuring that their personnel have the skills required to enable them perform their duties well. Through skill acquisition, the personnel will be in a position to perform their duties well and increase productivity (Patel & Shebani, 2010). The reason why organizations have to work on building the skill acquisition of abilities of their employees is due to the lack of the abilities to impart skills on their…
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