Skill Development Empowers the Workforce with Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications

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The objective of Skill Development is to create a workforce empowered with the necessary and continuously upgraded skills, knowledge and internationally recognized qualifications to gain access to decent employment and ensure India’s competitiveness in the dynamic global market. It aims at increasing the productivity and employability of workforce (wage and self-employed) both in the organized and the unorganized sectors. It seeks increased participation of youth, women, disabled and other disadvantaged sections and to synergize efforts of various sectors and reform the present system with the enhanced capability to adapt to changing technologies and labor market demands.
Management in Action – Social, Economic and Ethical Issues
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It can lead to reduction of infant and maternal mortality rate. The company can build centers for the examination and medication of HIV/AIDS and DOTS for tuberculosis treatment. They can also keep track of expecting & lactating mothers, malnourished children, birth and death. They can also motivate people for visiting health institutions and promote institutional child birth. Various other regular health camps can also be organised in the community around manufacturing locations which included eyes, dental, heart and veterinary camps.

Primary health includes eight essential components that are to be followed:
1. Education for the identification and prevention / control of prevailing health challenges
2. Proper food supplies and nutrition; adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation
3. Maternal and child care, including family planning
4. Immunization against the major infectious diseases
5. Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases
6. .Appropriate treatment of common diseases using appropriate technology
7. Promotion of mental, emotional and spiritual health
8. Provision of essential drugs

Skill Development
The company may take an initiative towards imparting quality education. Primary education is the basic block on which a nation builds its future. AKH group can commit to contribute its bit in bringing improvements in this vital sector of education. The company can bring improvements in Government Primary Schools in rural areas
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