Skill Development Essay

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“Why continuing skill development is important for my continuing studies and future employability”

As much as learning is an on going process, skills development follows the same trend. Nowadays, competition has been the hallmark in every corporate endeavour and to say the least, each product seeks for competitive edge. I must not stay behind in this race for leadership and excellence because my future employability depends largely on how I perfected my skills during this period of continuing skill development and advancement. So what priorities should I consider necessary during this stage of my life? Skills are competencies expected to produce input for the organization I intend to belong. Communication skill appeals to me
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However, leadership competency is also an on going process and it demands lots of energy and self-confidence on my part to stand up before others and accept the responsibility to serve as guide towards a certain goal. To be a good leader, I must learn to focus on people because they are the object of leadership. People are neither objects to posses nor instruments to use. Each person has qualities and skills that a good leader must learn to appreciate and allow them to prosper. As a good leader to these people, I must be on my own person and should show originality of ideas and unequalled skills to trust. Leadership skill leads others to follow a path or a vision that I would present in order for us to achieve our goal. However, I am not the only person who would build the goal but it is a concerted effort of all the people in my organization. (Kotler, 2006, p. 212) Finally, as a leader, I must learn the moral and legal values of leading my followers toward a positive direction. In the corporate landscape, being a leader is not simply putting pressures or coercing the workforce to act in accordance with what I want. I have a model leader and he truly inspired me after I read his biography. His name is David Pottruck, the president and co-CEO of the Charles Schwab Corporation. His company’s mission is “to provide customers with the most useful and ethical financial services in the world” ( At present, Charles Schwab Company has
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