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European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 13, Number 3 (2010)
Relationship between Interpersonal Communication Skills and
Organizational Commitment (Case Study: Jahad Keshavarzi and University of Qom, Iran)
Hassan Zarei Matin
Associate Professor, University of Tehran, Iran
Golamreza Jandaghi
Associate Professor, University of Tehran, Iran
Fateme Haj Karimi
Graduate, Public Management, University of Tehran, Iran
Ali Hamidizadeh
Graduate, Public Management, University of Tehran, Iran
The aim of this paper is to identify the interpersonal communication skills that enhance organizational commitment. To do so in a descriptive survey, the models provided by
Robbins and Hunsaker and by Allen and Meyer were used to
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Transmission of message by the process of encoding and decoding the message, which may result in short-term perception, is not adequate for the success of communication. Communication should be in such a way that will give opportunity for the respondent or receiver to take decision with regard to the message he perceived (master, 2008 :5).
The concept of interpersonal communication skills was firstly introduced in 1950s (Berko et al.,
1998/1378: 58). Interpersonal communication skills have been defined as ability to work well with people, and involve your acceptance of others, without prejudice. This does not always mean that you like the person, but you are able to overcome your dislike in order to achieve your tasks (Smith, 2009b :
Interpersonal communication skills are ability to respond to staff's needs positively, fostering a non-discriminatory work environment where staff can develop to their full personal potentials, and delegating authority (Avkiran, 2000 :656).
Interpersonal communication competence consists of a set of skills, knowledge about communication, and self-evaluation. Competent interpersonal communication skills include selfdisclosure, owned feelings and thoughts, and descriptiveness and support. (Robinson, 2006: 1).
Robbins and Hunsaker (2003) reviewed a large number of studies and synthesized the interpersonal skills that surfaced on most lists .Most of these skills belong to three categories – leadership, the process of

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