Skill With Stress Management : How Do You Think, Feel And Behave When You Use This Skill?

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Skill to Develop – Stress Management A. Explore - How do you think, feel and behave when you use this skill? When I successfully use this skill, my thoughts become clearer which makes me feel great by lifting my mood and energy level. I feel as if I have more control of things in my life and that I have the ability to alter the course of my day rather than allowing the day to alter me. After I apply my own personal stress management techniques, I behave in a relaxed and composed manner and find that there are residual benefits such as a more restful sleep. 1. Cognitive Focus: Learning to listen and hear others Practicing stress management techniques assists me in maintaining good listening skills. Because I feel as if I have more…show more content…
3. Action Focus: Choosing better responses to communicate understanding Because good stress management tends to improve my listening skills, I am better able to respond to what the other person is saying. Because I have been, actively listening, I respond appropriately and this makes the other person feel that I am more engaged and likeable. Doing, so opens the channels of communication between the individual I am engaging in conversation and myself. Active listening encourages better responses and equals better communication for everyone concerned. B. Identify: Provide your personal definition of stress management. Stress management is the ability of an individual to handle appropriately, life’s challenges in a healthy manner. It does not mean the total elimination or eradication of stress but rather not letting stress hijack your emotions. C. Understand: Describe the importance of stress management. Stress management is very important in our lives. Without proper stress management, life can very quickly become overwhelming and can cause negative side effects such as poor mental health, inadequate sleep, weight gain and physical manifestations of serious medical conditions. Managing stress allows an individual to achieve more balance in life and promotes healthier relationships with others with whom you come in contact, reduces illnesses and allows one to enjoy a fuller and richer life. D. Describe how to learn stress management. There
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